Hello and welcome

In a time where individuals are (rightly) encouraged to collaborate with their health professionals, trusted information is crucial to building knowledge to make informed choices; there is a forest of information to navigate.

This ‘blog’ started as a support tool for my movement and rehabilitation clients and information for my clinical patients. It aims to offer practical, no-nonsense, evidence-based information, with a sprinkling of authentic and trusted wisdom from traditional hands-on (and off) medicine.

Health and wellness advice is in a constant state of flux, which can be confusingly and when you add myths, misconception and folklore to pot on the information. Or the foggy head of desperation, it’s all too easy for people in pain and those with persistent or chronic conditions to get lost in the maze of advice and interventions, high-tech promises or gimmicks and other peoples’ good advice, with the disappointment and lost hope that may entail.

People have asked about the name.

The ‘inside’ comes from my long personal history of managing complex trauma and chronic pain.

The ‘out’ from my practice as a health professional.

‘Thriving’ comes from one of my favourite quotes by one of my hero women. In the words of Maya Angelou, “my mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”  

About me

I am a London based healthcare professional, Rehabilitation pilates and somatic movement coach with a broad range of interests in all things that help people improve their total wellbeing.

Managing pain interweaves every aspect of my life; it was the primary driver for a career change, which happened organically during a long and challenging recovery period. 

Most of us learn little about the thing we carry ourselves around in (our body) until it goes wrong or is ‘broken’. Patient education is an essential part of my work; I strive to help people restore their wellbeing inside and outside my treatment room and have a particular interest in multifactorial health conditions. My patient list is diverse; the youngest to date was just 4 hours old, and the most senior 93 and a half years.


Information and statements contained are not intended to substitute for qualified healthcare professional’s advice or treatment. While you are encouraged to make your own healthcare decisions, please do so in collaboration with your doctor or other health professional. I cannot offer individual advice without an in-person consultation.